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Rural Mortgages

RuralThis is a government loan that is territory specific and income based but offers you 100% financing on the appraised value. (Purchases only)  We offer very competitive rates and our processors specialize in dealing with this kind of loan.  Call our office today to find out if the home you are wanting to purchase is in a qualified area and what current interest rates are.

Term: 30 years   Maximum Amount: Based upon the State and County

This is a great purchase loan program for the “first time homebuyer”.  Because it offers the availability to borrow up to 100% of the appraised value and not the purchase price , you can typically include your closing costs into the loan if there is any equity in the property.  This loan does not apply for properties in large metropolitan areas such as Louisville or Lexington.  But it usually does cover the areas just outside of these larger cities.  You must have acceptable credit  but our processors can work with you to make sure your credit is accurate and up to date to help you qualify. This programs is also based on income.  Call our office today to see what current interest are and if you qualify.

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